3 Tips on Losing Those Last Few Pounds!

Why is it a struggle to lose those last few pounds in order to reach your weight loss goals?  While on a weight loss journey, those final pounds are very stubborn regardless of changes in nutrition and sticking with a vigorous exercise program.

Our bodies are very smart and would rather not be on a “diet”.  Supposedly, we all have a set point at which our body likes to stay at and is comfortably maintained.  When we lose weight below our set point, our body tries to return to that steady state.  Therefore, losing those last few pounds is not easy!

With a persistent action plan that targets nutrition and physical activity, you can successfully reach a new steady state or set point.  Follow these 3 tips to help lose those last few stubborn pounds and help achieve your goals.

1.  Alter your endurance program.  The goal is to burn more calories overall.  There are basically two ways to change up your aerobic exercise.  Increase the intensity during your cardio session.  If your a runner, for example, run faster or add some bursts of speed throughout your run.  If you don’t want to increase intensity, you can increase the amount of time spent doing aerobic exercise.  Either add time to each session or add an extra day or two.

2.  Strength train a minimum of 2 times per week.  If you add more muscle, you increase your metabolic rate and therefore, more calories are burned.  When you have a large amount of muscle, you can burn more calories overall than if you have low muscle mass.  When you lose weight, some of it comes from muscle so it’s important to strength train to maintain muscle mass.  Every pound of lean muscle mass burns about 6 calories per day.  So if you’re struggling to lose those last few pounds, being committed to a strength training program is essential.

3.  Eat less.  To be successful at the weight loss game, it’s important to make dietary changes.  It’s helpful to keep a food journal for a few days and take an honest look at how much food you are consuming.  Of course there are several apps you can use if you prefer.  It really is eye opening when you see it in writing!  Little snacks here and there add up.  You also want to be sure that you are eating a healthy amount to avoid nutrient deficiencies and under fueling.

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Losing weight is not easy and requires much effort to be successful.  You need to be dedicated to making permanent changes to attain as well as maintain your weight loss goals.

Small decisions you make each day can either help or hinder your success in moving forward toward your desired result.

Do you think our bodies have a “set point”?

Do you have any tips to add?

8 Responses to 3 Tips on Losing Those Last Few Pounds!

  1. Debbie says:

    Excellent tips. People frequently don’t realize that as they lose weight, their bodies burn fewer calories, so doing the same program can bring their weight loss to a halt.

    • Cyndi says:

      Thanks Debbie! I agree and burning fewer calories with weight loss is so unfair. Luckily adding some muscle can help offset it.

  2. I have really noticed my metabolism changing quite a bit the last year or so and the same things don’t seem to work as well for me. Frustrating!

  3. Kimberly G says:

    Thanks for these tips! I wish I could strength train more during the week but it’s hard to fit it in during marathon training.

    • Cyndi says:

      I hear ya! That’s something I find difficult as well. It’s challenging to fit it all in…especially while marathon training!

  4. Shalini says:

    Hi Cyndi, Great tips!! I think running extra miles can help as well. Thank you for sharing!!