Hi!!  My name is Cyndi.

I’m a stay at home mom in Northern Kentucky.  I live with my husband Jon and our two daughters.  With this blog, I hope to motivate and help individuals find THEIR healthy!  I enjoy researching and learning about health, nutrition, and fitness.   I don’t look to “diets” or quick fixes.  I believe that anybody can find their healthiest self by making small, sustainable lifestyle and behavioral changes.  I’m still learning, but I love to share things as I discover them.

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  I have run 4 marathons, 19 half marathons, and a handful of 5 and 10K’s.  Running is my absolute favorite form of exercise, but I enjoy strength training too.  I love early mornings, drinking coffee, and reading my Bible.

If you like reading about health, nutrition, and fitness, you’ll feel right at home.  Thank you for visiting!

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